Ten Steps to a Graffiti-free City 10/9/12

October 9, 2012
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            The only problem that I saw when I was transferred into the Anti-Graffiti Program was that there was graffiti EVERYWHERE.  It had become part of the urban landscape.  You couldn’t drive anywhere without seeing graffiti – lots of it.  It was in all corners of the city. It was big and small. It was on sound walls.  It was on bridges.  It was on freeway signs.  It was on utility boxes.  It was on buildings.  It was on fences.  It was on polls.  It was on… well you get the idea.  There seemed to be a huge disconnect between the image of this respected program and what you saw on the streets.  What I didn’t know was why this disconnect existed.


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Where you can find the book

October 4, 2012
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Hi David,

Thank you for asking where you can find the book “Ten Steps To A Graffiti-free City”.  Currently, only the first step or Chapter Guidebook “Just How Bad Is It Anyway?  How To Conduct A City-wide Graffiti Survey” is available and you can find it on our website  Click on the “Material to Help You Become Graffiti Free” tab to find it.  More Booklets will be added as they are printed until all ten are complete.  Thanks again and good luck!

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